Explore Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary with Our Exclusive Shuttle for Cruise Passengers

Step off your cruise ship and onto our Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Shuttle, designed specifically for cruise passengers. This shuttle offers a quick, efficient, and affordable transfer, with your entrance fee included for a seamless experience.

Quick and Convenient

Conveniently located close to your dock, our shuttle service is easy to find. Meet us at our desk to collect your wristband, confirming your entry fee has been paid. This eliminates the need to queue for tickets at the sanctuary, saving you time and effort.

Ideal Timing for Guided Tours

Arrive at Bonorong just in time for the complimentary guided tour at 11:30 am. Lasting 30 minutes, these tours are led by knowledgeable keepers who provide engaging insights into the sanctuary’s conservation work and the behavior of its unique inhabitants.

Unforgettable Wildlife Experience

Spend nearly two hours exploring Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. This is the perfect amount of time to fully appreciate the sanctuary's offerings before returning to your cruise ship. The shuttle journey is approximately 30 minutes each way, ensuring a relaxed schedule.

At Bonorong, engage with Tasmania’s native wildlife. Interact with over 80 free-roaming kangaroos, koalas, and wombats, and get up close to Tasmanian devils. Bonorong operates a wildlife rescue service and provides a safe haven for orphaned and injured animals. Hand-feed the resident kangaroos with a complimentary bag of food and enjoy the diverse birdlife, including kookaburras, lorikeets, and yellow-tailed black cockatoos.

An Enriching Excursion

Don’t miss this chance to connect with Tasmania’s native wildlife. The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Shuttle offers a convenient and enriching excursion that perfectly fits your cruise itinerary. Book your spot now and embark on an unforgettable wildlife adventure!